Saturday, February 05, 2005

February 5, 2005

*Morning Walk Update*

Louis and I got up extra early this morning to check out what purported to be a yoga center on Adam Clayton Powell & 8th Avenue. Not true. There's a big blue neon sign with a person in the lotus position, and the word YOGA in yellow neon, but no entrance that I can find. At least it was a nice day -- we walked for an hour around the neighborhood. This brings me to the new category of daily counting: Number of Times People Asked Me What Kind of Dog Louis Is. See below for the exciting details ... and, bonus, additional exciting details about chicken bones on the morning walk.

Chicken Bone Count:
- Seen: 13 from Lenox to 8th and 117th to 125th
- Eaten: 3 before I could stop Lou
- Attempts at Eating: 6 (3 spit out, 3 successful)
- If Chicken Bones Were Dollars, My Net Worth To Date: $161.00

Number of Times People Asked Me What Kind of Dog Louis Is:
- 5 Total (4 adults, 1 child)
- 3 Proposed a Husky; 1 of these did not believe me when I said no, and is still convinced Lou's a Husky
- 1 Proposed a Wolf, but this person was a little bit drunk
- 1 (Child) Proposed a Fox. I did not deny this.


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