Friday, February 11, 2005

February 11, 2005

So, stupid. Could not remember my password, hence my absence. It came to me in a dream last night. Here's all I can manage right now:

*Updated Chicken Bone Count*
- Seen: 61 (for a four and a half day period, covering the area between 114th street to the south, 125th street to the north, and between 5th Avenue to the east and 8th Avenue to the West)
- Eaten: Who's to say? I'll estimate less than 10 ... let's say 8
- Attempts at Eating: Um ... 61 (roughly 53 spit out, and approximately 8 successful)
- If Chicken Bones Were Dollars, My Net Worth To Date: $235.00
Note that that's money I really could use, by the way. New York, as my friend Erica so aptly put it, is a place that makes you covet everything. As much as coveting thy neighbor's whatever is wrong, and as much as I am aware, particularly during the Lenten Season, of the importance of sacrifice, I just wish I had that $235.00 is all.


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