Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Surrounded by Crooks!

I just spent $600 this month boarding Lou at what I now consider a substandard institution, UNIVERSITY ANIMAL HOSPITAL on 66th Street in NY. I say that I CONSIDER it substandard to avoid a counter strike of libel/slander. I provide the address so YOU NEVER GO THERE. I just picked him up today, and am still getting over being angry. Did I ask for my dog to be bathed? Yep. Did they bathe him? Nope. Did I provide them with his vitamin supplements (AT LEAST 70 pills left in the pack)? Yep, again. Did they give them to him? Apparently so, and boy, did they, because he must have been eating 10 (as opposed to 4) a day, since they claimed they were all gone. I had heard from other people that it was a crooked place -- they never give your food back, etc. -- but, I just HAD to learn for myself. (Thank heaven for PET TAXI - 212-755-1757 -- they are awesome and fun and always meet me on time to take Lou wherever he needs to go. They picked us up today and I spent 10 minutes in the car complaining about UNIVERSITY ANIMAL HOSPITAL (which sucks, in my opinion, by the way) and 20 minutes laughing my ass off with Pete, my driver.)

The sad thing is, they had an opportunity to keep a good paying customer -- I mean, I have to board Lou at least once a month for work/travel, so that's $300 bucks a pop. Now, let's take a trip back to first year marketing in B-school. We all know that the customer may not always be "actually right", but they should for sure be right enough for them to come back. They had an opportunity to appease me at a cost to them of $40 -- really not a cost to them, since I'm sure they've got his Synovi G3 there somewhere and are right now shoveling it down the throat of some rich woman's boston terrier. How hard would it be to apologize and offer a discount on my fee, or a replacement of the meds? Not hard at all. It won't matter in the end, rich people from the UWS will still take their tiny dogs there with their tiny sweaters, but they'll NEVER get my business again. If they only knew. Uptown Hound will for sure tell our clients not to go there ... or to go expecting to be cheated.

In other news, as soon as we got home, Lou jumped on the bed and ate my favorite lipstick. I guess he was hungry. Also, UNIVERSITY ANIMAL HOSPITAL sucks ... in my opinion. Later - j.


Blogger olive said...

I've been meaning to write a follow-up to this for a few weeks, but I have to say I was overwhelmed by the number of folks that emailed me re: bad experiences with the crooks at University Animal Hospital. Now, if I can just get a petition going, maybe I can get a license to practice veterinary medicine without the requisite education. I could at least do it as well as UAH. They SUCK!

12:02 AM  
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