Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday, Monday


Career path. Hmm. I'd like to find one, but I bought my compass from the dollar store, and it stopped working the minute I got it home. I think I need a career sherpa. I don't want to be the person that has all the potential and none of the success. That's only cute and interesting for a year or so, and even then, not so much. The problem is, I also don't think I want to work very hard. Or, maybe it's that I haven't found what I want to do yet. I for sure cannot afford any more edumacation. Lord, Lord, Lord, I am for sure funding the salaries of at least two people at Sallie Mae. You're welcome.

I went to Boston today to see about another job -- doing the same thing I do now, but with better pay/better title, and a motherfucking TARGET a mile away from the office. When I was a little girl imagining my future life married to a prince and living in a castle with the prince, my mom and dad and scads of pets (including a pony), it never would have occurred to me that I'd have a career, much less that the choice of that career would depend largely on the availability of inexpensive housewares near my place of employment.

Maye I'll develop the next great consulting business. I was thinking on the plane that I shoudl patent some sort of "Passive Aggressive Tools for Living" consultancy. The first module will be the PAPSP - passive aggressive personal space protector module. I was testing it out on my row-mate on the flight back to NYC, but it clearly needs some field testing, as he was not moved to stop thwacking me in the arm with his newspaper (it was 6pm for God's sake, the news of the day is over) and quit hogging the arm rests. I'll test more tomorrow on the M2 on the way to work. An infomercial cannot be far off.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jen, I know exactly what you mean. I haven't figured it out myself. The only advice I have is to keep moving. At least you won't hate yourself years later because you gave up searching. T

10:43 PM  
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