Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving on

Moving On!

A bit stressed health-wise, but I'm keeping it positive today! Lent is coming. Instead of focusing on what I can't have or do (no drinks, no sweets), I thought I'd also make a 40 things I will commit to doing over 40 days. Some of these seem like indulgences (getting the hair did and whatnot), but really, for me, they're all tasks I've assigned myself to do so that I come out at the end of Lent freer, more focused and better able to be of service to myself and my neighbors.

1. Get furniture - Chicago
2. Dump furniture - NY
3. Create and stick to budget
4. Set up Trek to Beck
5. Plan for career
6. Get Lou groomed
7. Get back on Revisions track
8. Reduce cab taking to once a week
9. Pull together a real financial plan & budget
10. Update facebook profile
11. Start knitting Staccato sweater
12. Stop procrastinating
13. Take 2 classes that make me think
14. Reconnect with NY friends
15. Stick to South Beach Diet,
16. Do one fun thing each week with friend
17. Go to the dentist
18. Return all books to the library and pay the fines
19. Get hair done 2 times and get mani/pedi
20. Send/take finished objects to family
21. Get car registration sorted
22. Get a massage
23. Start yoga class
24. Organize craft room, sort wips and plan to finish
25. Clean out fridge
26. Get clothing sorted and tossed, laundered
27. Send Aimee soap and notebooks
28. Send Al’s tapes back
29. Read 3 books
30. Deal with iPod
31. Start saving for a laptop/vacay
32. Twitter 3x per day & one post per day
33. Organize house
34. Organize student loan payments
35. Check credit report
36. Finish row 1 of inauguration quilt
37. Go to mass at least 2x
38. Contact Sandra and take her to lunch
39. Do Eula website & class brochure
40. Go home at least 1x


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