Monday, June 01, 2009

Damned Wedding Quilt.

Which is not to say that I hope someone's wedding is damned. Quite the contrary. Just that the quilt I'm making is deceptively difficult. One of the things that bugs me about quilting in general is the degree of cutting precision required. I like to square up after I'm done with a block, but so many patterns have me do it at the beginning, middle, beginning-middle, end-middle, end, and then once again for good measure. Yick.

So, I was hesitant to start Purl Bee's modern wedding quilt for one of my colleagues. All that cutting. See?

Top is all sewn up and back is ready, too. Now, for the problem I didn't forsee -- the batting. The choice of quilting thread. Both wrong. I've only done about half a yard of quilting, lengthwise, and maybe three inches across width-wise, but that doesn't mean it's going to be any easier to pick that stuff out. Oh, yeah? The batting? Organic cotton fusible - I never used it before... and won't ever again. Fusible is too permanent. I need to be able to smoosh things around. Now, I know.


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