Monday, July 13, 2009

Is $40 too much?

No. (Photo from Zingerman's, aka, the best deli in the universe.)

One of the best ever foodie magazines, Saveur (a less intimidating title would probably increase circulation - I tell everyone I know to pick up this mag!) has a recipe for the pimento cheese burger in their latest email newsletter. I love Saveur and have made many of their recipes over the years. But, on this one, I call, pshaw! All one need do is ring up Zingerman's and order oneself a perfectly delicious crock of their pimento cheese. It's delicious. It cost me $40 to get mine (shipping was expensive because of the method I chose. I was hungry.) I was, sadly, unable to savor the cheese as it was intended and with my office door closed, ate the whole thing with a spoon, directly from the crock, on the same day I received it. A second order is on the way.


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