Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pity Party

work work2 work3 work4

Oomph. Gak. Berf. I spent today on 4 conference calls, count 'em, FOUR, which took up 8 KAJILLION HOURS of potential work time. Wednesdays make me so sad. My boss, whom I love (and I KNOW she ain't reading this, so it's the truth) said to me, "How are you? You seem cranky today." Cranky? CRANKY? Baby, you don't even know.

I should say that, as jobs go (and, to quote my sister, "I have decided that I'd rather starve than work" which is, I know, dramatic and over the top, but sometimes, don't you feel that way?) my job is good. I get paid a decent wage and do work that is sometimes really interesting, and always kind of interesting, but jeesus the meetings. I'd like to take this opportunity to quote my sister again: "Hey! No, I don't what to confer with any motherfuckingbody. I don't like your ideas and I don't like you." I'm just saying. Sometimes. That's how I feel. Sometimes.


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