Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I think I made that word up, blurgh. Maybe not , but no matter the attribution, that's the feeling today. On a daily basis, I try to ignore the Tiny Condescender and The Horse-Faced Girl (these are stellar nicknames for two crazies with whom I work -- if you saw/experienced them, you'd know how clever these nicknames are), but today, I had to school a bitch ... well, two bitches. Here's the thing: You know how once in a while you need to ask someone for a favor? Well, if they say yes, they are REQUIRED BY THE UNIVERSE to give that favor without complaint. If , upon being asked a favor, you say, "Oh, okay, I'll do it", and then huff and puff and act like it was demanded of you, or if you point out AD NAUSEUM that you've done the favor, IT IS NOT, ASSHOLE, A FAVOR ANYMORE!.

I'm just saying, the cross is only so big, and there's pretty much room for only one martyr on it. That martyr would be JESUS. So, if you want to climb up there and try your luck, go ahead, but DO NOT expect me to give you a leg up, okay? Just say no next time.


Anonymous Alex said...

I bought a decent education and have a crappy job - I feel your pain. Working sucks, but being jobless and poor sucks more. I love your cute pets! Luckly I have a cat at home who loves me...

2:55 PM  
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