Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What the Hell?

So, I started working for the man again, and it is everything I thought I'd left behind. What other way to explain my absence from this great thing known as the blogosphere? Story aside (I ain't stole no bread yet) my middle name could be Les Miserable. It sounds kind of nice - Jennifer Les Miserables Cox - JMLC. I might put that in the signature line on my emails.

So, anyway, I'm a company gal again. Need to have face time. Can't be the first to leave. Got to cc everyone on everything ASAP and PDQ. I feel like KSA. (You can figure that out.) I've thrown up every day at least once for the past 5 days. And I still ain't skinny. Work is EXACTAFUCKINGLOUTELY what it's cracked up to be. They won't get me. I swear.

I know I'm a smart cookie. I know that I can craft my own path. I know that this is all temporary. And so, I'm back. Stay tuned for more posts that are full of happy crap -- Uptown Hound news, pix of Lou's hair growing back, pix of my engagement ring. Oh, are you okay? Wake up, wake up. [me slapping your face lightly, but with enough force to wake you]. Good stuff.


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