Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Meme I Copied from Kelly

So, yeah, whatever, I copied this from Kelly, but that's just because no one ever memes me!

Nickname: Jen, JC, JMC, Jenny

Piercing: Two per ear.

What is the most recent movie you've seen in the theater? I think it was Gothika? Maybe? If it was, it sucked. It could have been Out of Time, too. That also sucked. I used to go every week when I was in grad school, but haven't gone since I got to NYC. For $12.00, I can buy a pay per view AND a pizza at home.

Eye Color: Brown

Place of birth: As far as the government is concerned, the U.S.

Favorite foods:  Cheddar, Aged Gouda, Havarti (no dill, blech!), Swiss, Gruyere, Chevre, Provolone, Mozzarella, Fontina, Asiago, and Parmesan. In that order. Oh, aside from cheese? Soy cheese.

Ever been to Africa: My sister has. I will go one day.

Ever been toilet papering: No, but I've gone garden gnome-rearranging.

Loved someone so much it made you cry: Yes, everyday, almost. I'm working on not being so sappy, though.

Been in a car accident: Yes -- see post about getting hit (I Got Hit By A Car, Y'all). Also, one in my rockin' yellow Pontiac Sunbird in high school, and one when my mom swore she could make the light.

Croutons or bacon bits: Bacon-flavored croutons.

Favorite day of the week: Vacation day.

Favorite restaurants: Sticks (in Charlottesville, Virginia -- best falafel I've ever had, and I LOVE falafel), Erwin (in Chicago, my favorite, favorite, favorite place to live in the U.S.)

Favorite Flower: Hydrangea.

Favorite sports to watch: On TV, all of them, except baseball. Baseball is only good when you're there. Oh, also, even though you can count on it as a clue in the NYT crossword puzzle at least once a week, jai alai is kind of scary, and I don't understand it. Oh, also, hockey? No. Boxing? It's just hockey without the skates.

Favorite drink: Sans alcohol, grapefruit juice. I can't get enough. Con alcohol, cava.

Favorite Ice cream: Vanilla, because you can put stuff on it.

Disney or Warner Brothers: I refuse to answer on the grounds that I might incriminate myself.

Favorite fast food restaurants: Skyline Chili, which, if you're not from Cincinnati, you won't know. Second, White Castle, because you can eat 100s of them at a sitting.

What color is your bedroom carpet: Hardwood pine, with a fine coating of dog hair.

How many times you failed your driver's test: Once when I had a learners' permit (parallel parking got me), and once when I went for renewal (rolling through stop signs = not good).

From whom did you get your last e-mail: System Administrator: "Your mailbox is over its size limit!"

Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card? Thomas Pink, because a good shirt is hard to find, and they have the best.

What do you do most often when you are bored: Knit or sew.

Bedtime: I'm typing this at 1:29am.

Favorite TV Shows: CSI (Las Vegas. Miami is okay, but only for the eye candy.) Family Guy, Futurama, Forensic Files, The Dog Whisperer, The L Word, Sleeper Cell.

Last person you had dinner with: My Mom (Mary), my Dad (Larry), and my sister (Aimee).

Ford or Chevy: Um, neither? My next car will be the same as my last, an old diesel Mercedes -- they last forever. I gave mine to my cousin in exchange for him storing my furniture and moving it from Virginia to NYC. Her name (the car, not my cousin) was Beatrice, and she had almost 300K miles on her. She still works. When I first moved to VA, I lived in a big apartment complex and the kids there used to say, "Miss J, your car smells just like a cookout" (because of the diesel). I also fooled them daily into thinking I was the school bus, because the car was kind of loud. But, she was a 1983 car, and had been in our family for 14 years, during which time she never broke down, and the most I spent on her was a new radiator in 2002 which cost 600 bucks. The pre-Chrysler Germans could make the hell out of a car is all I'm saying.

What are you listening to right now: At this very moment? My dog snoring and my cat purring while sleeping on top of my dog. Music-wise? I'm hooked on Kanye West right now, but I have Gonzalo Rubalcaba on my CD player at the moment.

What is your favorite color: I'm not embarrassed to say that PINK is my favorite color!

How many tattoos do you have: Two, because sometimes you're young AND stupid, and then sometimes you're JUST stupid.

How many pets do you have: Two -- Louis (my dog) and Izzy (my cat). I had more, before I got Izzy, but she has, thankfully, chased all the mice away.

Which came first--the chicken or the egg? This sounds like you're trying to bait me into an intelligent design vs. evolution argument, and I won't do it.


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