Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Stupid Celtic Icon ...

I mean, the pattern isn't stupid, it's brilliant, Fiona Ellis! I heart it bad. I mean that it's not a thoughtless knit and so my version of it, where i got distracted, made a casserole, went to walk a dog, did my nails, and then came back to knit... well, that shizznit was stupid. So, with one sleeve to go, Celtic Icon, you're taking a rest.

And, that's okay! Because I have this to work on:

In Cascade 220 NECTARINE HEATHER, of all things...

And, this as my traveling project (and, by traveling, I mean on the bus):

Which is the million dollar afghan -- why is Noro so expensive?--that my parents will get for Chrismas!

I feel less stressed having a bunch of things to knit. Maybe tonight, I'll get some sleep!

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