Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Gas Bag

I'm so broke, the only joy I have these days is from taking pleasure in others' misery. Like, for instance, this story: This morning on the M2, the following happened:

1. The driver stopped at the M2 LIMITED bus stop - there is also an M2 slow-ass regular bus stop on the block, but we were on the limited bus, so ...

2. Every one gets on, most get a seat, bus pulls away and stops at the light.

3. Some lady (term used loosely) who just had a big bowl full of entitlement with a side of jackass walks up to the bus, pounds on the door and yells: "You're at the fucking bus stop. Open the damn door."

**ALERT** The bus is NO LONGER at the stop at this point.**ALERT**
**ALSO** Would YOU open the door for someone who spoke to you that way?**ALSO**
**AND**It's snowing outside and you get more flies with honey, blah, blah.**AND**
4. The driver points out to the lady in what I think are very nice terms that (1) he is not, in fact, at the bus stop anymore; (2) it is within his purview to decide whether or not to open the door for someone when he is not at a bus stop: (3) that, given that power, he declines her offer to open the fucking door, but wishes her a very nice day.
5. The lady proceeds to threaten him with a negative report, at which the entire bus starts laughing.
Public transportation sometimes makes me very happy.


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