Thursday, May 26, 2005

Broke Down Pal-ass!

Man, oh, man! My foot is broken.


Want to know the sad thing about that? I didn't break it playing squash, going on my morning 5 mile run, throwing my body in front of an oncoming car to save a child's life. Nope. I broke it 'cause I was skeeved out about sleeping in my bedroom since I saw the mouse there. I broke it 'cause my skeeviness forced me to sleep on the couch in the living room (why? mice can get there, too, stupid). I broke it because my dog, Lou, looked at me sleeping on the couch, and said to himself, "You ain't leaving me on the floor/in the bedroom to deal with the vermin. Move over, biotch", and prompty jumped on the couch, one foot on my neck, the other three on my foot and broke it. He is the devil.

Bonus is I have a beautiful new blue shoe courtesy of one Dr. Simon Young (the best .. okay, the only podiatrist I've ever been to -- but he was GOOD!) And, after three days of hobbling around the office and taking cabs to work, I know that I'm not crazy and that I have a super-high tolerance for pain. Bring it. I get a full-blown walking cast tomorrow. I hope they have it in pink. Later - j.


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