Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hallmark Moment


No complaining, just a cute story. I just took Lou out with me to the corner store to get toilet paper and incense -- not because I needed both at the same time, smarty. I mean, we all know my sh*t don't stink. It was just because I was out of both, and I thought Lou could use an evening tinkle.

Now, even if it is wrong for 7-year olds to still be up at this time of night (11pm!), they were still cute. They must have been, because you know I don't like no kids. So, Ariana and her twin, Briana, came running up to me with four afro-puffs between them, and wearing those cute dresses that only little girls can wear, yelling, "Doggie! Doggie!", and I said, "Go ask your mommy if it's okay for you to say hi to the doggie." They sprinted off to their mom who was sitting on top of someone else's car smoking a cigarette, and she must have said yes, because they came running back. Lou is so good with little kids, especially girls. (Given his history, he's understandably nervous around boys.) Ariana said, "Sit, dog." And, he did. I told them that his name is Louis, and they proceeded to pet him, and walk me to the corner.

I went into the Meat Store (that's what the sign says, although I have never seen any meat for sale there, but they do run a numbers game out of the back room ... maybe "meat" is code for illegal gambling). Anyway, I got my TP, my incense, and 3 mild mini-Slim Jims for Lou. When I came out, the sisters were there waiting, so I walked with them while I opened the Slim Jims and broke small chunks off for them to give to Lou. I told them, "Put it in the middle of your hand and say, "Sit, Lou. Cookie." They did -- well, Ariana did. Briana was chicken. Lou performed as only he can, and they were loving him. They wanted to walk him down the block, so we asked their mom if they could go with me a few doors down (the store is literally 50 yards from my front stoop) and she said, "Yeah." So cute that both of them were holding the leash, Briana at the end, Ariana, as close as she could be to his face. And Lou was sweet. He didn't pull on the leash (maybe it was too hot) he did that thing he does where he looks at you while he's walking, too. Then, he went to tinkle on some flowers, and I said, "Don't pee on that", and Ariana and Briana both yellled, "No, Lou". He kind of listened, then sat and waited for Ariana to give him another treat. He got one. Their mom called them back, and they were so cute, skipping down the street backwards, yelling, "Bye, Lou. Be good, Lou. Bye, Lou." You had to be there. Later - j.


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