Monday, June 06, 2005

The Best Offense ...

Why don't the Detroit Pistons think it's important to get the offensive rebound? I guess I don't understand enough about basketball. I mean, the Pistons are monstrous on the defensive boards ( I am afraid of them, and I'm not afraid of anything ... no, not even the mouse, it just pisses me off, it doesn't scare me, so stifle ). I think the Pistons may be too optimistic, too "up with people" -- they just assume the shot is going to go, so they all get up-court and miss the opportunity to get the offensive rebound.

Now, I ain't no basketball coach. I'm barely a productive member of society. I'm just saying. Peace out -- BG (this is my new nickname, short for Baby Greens, given to me by my favorite colleagues at work. If I were a weaker person, my feelings would be hurt. But it's as close to a hip-hop moniker as I'm going to get, so I'll take it). One more post at game's end. It may be a sad one. Miami is up by 5, with roughly 8 minutes to go. Detroit continues to refuse to attempt the offensive rebound. Shaq has a serious Fu Man Chu, Ben Wallce seems undaunted by it, but the Fu Man Chu is kicking his arse, and I'm pretty worried. Argh x 1000.


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