Thursday, June 02, 2005

Hello Kitty

I don't understand why my sister, who has gone to the Ann Arbor Cat Clinic in hopes of finding a new pet, has not adopted these two cats. See the site at


Their names are Kimchee and Mai Lai. Maybe she can get them and ship them to me. If I were talking about the mouse, I would say that they might even be good at catching the vermin. But, since I'm not, I'll just say they're cute. (I would rename them Kevin and Lydia, however, but that's just me.)


Blogger cokey said...

well...I am actually getting the cats. after seeing and touching them, i had no choice. their names will stay kimchee and mai lai in honor of their deceased owner (and i kind of like those names anyway). i love the korean dish, kimchee. I am wondering if the previous owner was korean.
You can update you site tomorrow when I bring them to back to my lovely home!

1:38 AM  
Blogger olive said...

Okay, well, they're both girls, but I still think Kevin is a fine name. I'm going to buy a Himalyan myself at the next litter in August. They are cute and, as compared to other breeds, not very bright. I just hope they're smart enough to catch my mouse.

Also, if you're my mom, stop reading right now. Everyone else, Aimee got them, and although they both seem to be mildly retarded, they are loving living with her. I'm going to make matching vests for the cats and my sister right now. Don't laugh, or you're next on the vest list. It's just that sleeves are so hard and I'm a new sew-er (you have to put the dash in, otherwise, I'd be a new sewer. P-U.)

11:50 PM  

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