Monday, June 06, 2005

End Game!

I HEART THE PISTONS. Also, so does Larry Brown, lookit:


That's him thanking the Lord for being associated with the Pistons. I remember when I lived in Chicago (and can't wait to get back there!) how we loved the Bulls and the Bears and the Cubs and the Sox (White, thank you) and the Blackhawks. It's different in NYC, because everyone COMES here. The teams don't seem to hold the same kind of power and garner the same kind of love as they do in cities like Detroit and Chicago and Boston where people LIVE there. I'm not saying you shouldn't root for the Nicks (yuck) or the Nets (double extra yuck) or the Yankees (hold on while I puke) or the Mets (they're okay), just that it's different.

Real-time blogging here:

Ben Wallace just dunked to give Pistons a 2 point lead.
Shaq attempts a dunk, some smarty party denied it, but fouled him. Let's hope that Shaq sucks at the free throw line. Oop, no. He got the first one. Okay, one more, cross your fingers now .... three dribbles, one exhale, and he made it. He's made 6 in a row. Whatever. Miracles happen.
Rasheed Wallace misses 2-point shot for Detroit, 2:45 remaining, game tied at 76
Crapola, Shaq makes a hook shot, Miami is up by 2, 2:25 remaining
Detroit misses a three, Miami rebounds, because Detroit finds that kind of activity distasteful. What the ...?
Damon Jones shoots at some invisible target misses.
Detroit makes a 2, game tied with 1:45 to go
Shaq tries to dunk a pass from Wade, Ben Wallace fouls him
Shaq at the free throw. He dribbles, one, two, three, makes it. Miami has a 3 point lead.
Rasheed Wallace shoots, draws foul, both teams over the foul limit.
One minute, 26 to go, Rasheed Walllace at the line, makes the first one. He's a 70% free throw shooter. He dribbles one, two, three, makes it again. Pistons lead by one.
Miami (who?) misses jumper, knocked away, last touched by Miami.
Pistons w/1 point lead and the ball, one minute remaining
I'm going to have a stroke.
Oh My God! Detroit gets a fucking offensive rebound -- Kerr misses, Wallace gets the rebound and Detroit is up by three now.
Thank God there's a commercial. I need to do some yoga breaths, and pee. Hold on.
Okay, back from commercial:
Detroit 82, Miami 79, 54.7 seconds remaining
Holy Crap! There was a foul! Holy Double Crap, no one saw it! Holy Happy Crap, Jump Ball!
Detroit gets the jump ball, 41 seconds
Detroit loses the ball, Miami recovers, Billups called for the foul.
Luckily a 61% free throw shooter, Damon Jones, is at the line. He'll miss.
I was wrong.
He hits one of two.
It's a two-point game
Wade fouls Billups, Detroit is at the line. Billups is an excellent free throw shooter, and makes the first.
Detroit 83, Miami 80
Billups shoots the second and makes it, baby.
Detroit 84, Miami 80
Holy Lord, there are 15 seconds remaining (Chickens = 100, eggs = 100, baby!) Commercial break
Miami to inbound, Wade to Shaq, he makes it for 2
Detroit up by 2
Billups is fouled again. What, are they crazy? He's at the line, and surpise (not reallly) makes the first one. Detroit up by 3.
Billlups at the line, still, dribbles one, two, three, four, makes the second one, Detroit up by four, ten seconds to go.
Wade fires from downtown, misses, Detroit rebounds.
Look at Larry Brown again:


He loves them. I do, too. Because the won it, baby! I love this game. Except, Alonzo Mourning looks like he's going to cry, that makes me sad. But I feel worse for Rasheed Wallace with that big chunk of hair missing out his head! Is there something I don't know? Did an anvil miss and hit him by mistake? He must make millions, couldn't he get a better barber? I'm just saying.

Anyway, woo-hoo! Here we go!


Blogger cokey said...

Hello from your sister. I was in the thick of it! Detroit Brewery on Broadway in downtown Detroit. I LOVE this city (actually there is a small article in Monday's Detroit Free Press where I am talking about how much I love Detroit. There is also a cute picture of me, my friend Jill and her cute baby girl Rio by the fountain downtown). The reasons why I love Detroit and the Pistons?
1) Always underrated but always rise to the occassion
2)hated on for being too real, too gritty, too urban
3)we don't have a**holes like Jamie Foxx supporting us
4)We know that win the chips are down the only way to win is as a team
5)We are in a perpetual state of "coming back"

I love Rip Hamilton!!!

10:28 AM  
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