Tuesday, July 26, 2005


WTF? I thought hives were like consumption or the vapors -- some old-timey crap that only people who live on the prairie in little houses with blind sisters and fathers called "Pa" get. Durn, I was WRONG. They are itching me like f'ing crazy. I scratch, scratch, scratch and feel gross, gross, gross.

The thing is, hives may not have any cause. Well, thanks a lot, medical community. All you can do is scratch and take Benadryl. Again, thanks a lot. I hate to complain ... okay, no I don't. I'm good at it. I'm just saying, the hives are making me nutso x 10!

If you work anywhere near Midtown Manhattan, feel free to stop me on the street, and I'll give you a good look at the welts on my legs. Geeeross! I just want you to be crazy, too.

Later - j.


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