Saturday, January 20, 2007

Rights for Sale

This just in -- Rights to Death Wish XIV (or some number) are for sale, starring me. I don't know why I can't keep my mouth shut. I think I have an extra gene for righteous indignation (thanks, Dad).

So, I just wanted to buy a cheese sandwich, on a hero, cheddar and provolone with mayo, mustard and lettuce. (Gross, you say? Try it first.) I also wanted to buy a roll of toilet paper, but that's neither here nor there. So, WHY, when I'm in the deli on the corner, paying for my purchase, does some ridiculous brother run up on me and throw his money on the counter to buy two vanilla dutches (why they even make such a thing is a subject for another day). Poor Emil behind the counter (who KNOWS how I hate cutters) was trying to give me my change and wrap my purchase, and this crazy brother kept saying "two vanilla dutch".

Now, if he had said it once ... but, no, three times was all I could take. ABW, closeted by necessity (or because it would be fruitless) at work, was in full force at the bodega. Here's how it went pretty much verbatim, because it just happened 10 minutes ago -- I haven't even opened my sandwich yet:

"I'm sure he'll be with you as soon as he finishes."

"I just want two dutch."

"Clearly, because you keep saying it. He's not standing there doing nothing, he's helping me."


"Me? I'm a bitch? I'm not trying to cut the line to get a vanilla dutch. THAT'S what bitches do. If you came in here in a hurry to buy diapers or baby food, I wouldn't have even said anything if you put your money down and took them. But, no, brother, you want two vanilla dutch? I think you can wait."

"Why don't you shut the fuck up?"

"Why don't you wait your turn?"

"Fuck you."

"I don't fuck people who cut in line and smoke vanilla dutch. Ass." (I'm leaving the store at this point.)

Now, I know everyone cuts in line in New York. It makes me nuts, though, and bothers me more than anything (except being treated like a fool/taken for granted -- see blogs about work) in the world, because it's such a clear statement that they think they're more important than anyone else (or me, for heaven's sake!). Why can't we all just wait our turn? I also know that you should choose your battles. I thought this was not really a battle, more a little skirmish and was certain I'd won.

But THEN, the fool follows me outside the store to continue sharing his opinions with me. This is when I say thank the lord for Lou (who was tied up outside). That man said, "Hey!", and Lou said, "Grr, woof, woof", which, in doglish, is "I will bite the hell out of your ass if you mess with my meal ticket." Can you believe it? From this dog who is completely uninterested and no protection:
Bold because Lou had my back (for once), I said, "I'm sorry, what?" Then, that fool just left. I'm 'sure I'll see him tomorrow. Truthfully, I can't wait (unless he has a gun, in which case, you have this as evidence -- ask Emil to describe him.) If I can't let it out in my career life, at least I can let line cutters know I have value. Asses.


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