Friday, March 25, 2005

Can't Sleep

So much work to do, so little time. I submitted 2 papers for review/consideration to present at the WOMMA (word of mouth marketing association) conference next week, and they both got accepted. This is hilarious, I mean, HIGH COMEDY. Who am I? A frustrated anthropologist, passable pianist, good cellist, crafty knitter and new blogger. What the hell do I know about marketing? People might demand their money back if they come to my session, because I am 100% sure that my research is bogus -- it's all based on intuition. At least I get to go to Chicago for free. Right after, I'm off to Montreal to see Erica, Andrew and Tiny Baby A (whose real name is Atticus. This is a brilliant name for a baby, by the way, so don't steal it. I can't wait to meet him.)

So, today? Ugh. No celebrity sightings, the belly lump is bigger than ever, Lou is crazy with the itching, and I had popcorn for dinner. One would think I'd be skinny by now. Apparently, popcorn has lots of calories. Who knew? Maybe it's the tumor.

Later - j.


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