Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Good Things

So, even though I have only enough money to get to work tomorrow (which means not enough to get home after work), and today was pay day, and I have some big tumor in my belly (if you haven't heard this until now, sorry, it's scary! I will find out the real deal on Monday -- who knows? It could just be un-digested cheddar ... likely), I still believe there is a silver lining somewhere. It's not desperate and depressing like Sylvia Plath, it's more like Schleprock from the Flintsones, or any episode of Good Times -- just when it LOOKS like you're going to be okay, some bad-ass luck kicks you in the ass, you know?

Starting tomorrow, I'm going to buck the negative and finish what I started with Uptown Hound, Olive and Eula. I'll be posting pictures of the Olive products -- that's right, I figured out how to do it! -- and the items selected for the Uptown Hound online store. I have all this great pet-themed papercraft and knit/crochet-work (who doesn't want a bespoke pet bed, I say? The height of luxury for your pooch/kitty.) that I can't wait to share with you. And, that you won't be able to resist buying. Trust me. You want a grosgrain trimmed leash, don't you? Yes, you do. Shut up, you do.

The Uptown Hound website is nearing completion, and the Olive site is up and running, which is great news! Now, just to finalize the logo for Eula ... and get the business running,

On a side note, I'm thinking of calling The Dog Whisperer (See the National Geographic Channel) to come in and treat Louis. Why do you think he would take his rawhide bones and bury them underneath the covers on my bed? I find them every night. He is either neurotic or passive aggressive -- or, he has a wicked sense of humor. Peace out, y'alll - j.


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