Saturday, March 19, 2005

A couple of things

There is a man is walking down 7th Avenue right now, and he wants you to know that this ain't no game and he ain't playing. He would also like to point out that this ain't Christmas. FYI.

It's a gorgeous day outside, sunny, 50s, not a cloud in the sky. I need to get out at some point and take advantage, since it's not often that a weekend day is this nice. The problem is finding something to do that doesn't involve money. I took Lou to Central Park this morning ... that was free. But, how many times can I do that? I don't even have bus fare this week. Maybe it's my fault. I could be a better money manager ... if only I had some money to manage. They say being rich won't make you happy, but I'm pretty sure that a few extra dollars would buy me some relief!


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