Tuesday, March 15, 2005

March 15, 2005

Today was a good day ... or at least not the usual suck day. I got super-motivated at work to write the definitive piece on word-of-mouth/consumer-created marketing. Thanks to Pete Blackshaw and Intelliseek (check it out at www.inteliseek.com). I will surely be an office super-star by this time next week ... or next year ... or sometime. The point is, I may be poor (okay, there's no "may" about it, I am broke like Joe Theisman's leg, or the Enron bank, baby), I may live in a crap part of the city (The New Harlem Renaissance? More like the New Harlem Renegades), I may be fat (but that could be the tumor, according to the doctor -- I'll find out on Monday. Not kidding, here), and I may be poor (which I already said, but it's that bad, so I'll say it again), but things are looking up. Nevermind that my bank balance post-payday is $14.00. At least I'm in the black. More later ...!
In the meantime, read this for some good celebrity-based schaudenfreude: http://trent.blogspot.com. Peace out, y'all


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