Sunday, March 27, 2005


Today is the day I get motivated -- spring is here, rebirth and rejuvenation is upon me! No more bad food, bad habits, bad attitude. Just fun, fun, fun, all the time!


Uptown is opening on April 15th. Gina at Ginagraphics did a great job on the logo -- one more revision, and we'll be good to go. And, Olive is up and running -- three clients! No money yet, but whatever, it's fun anyway, and it's not costing me anything. So, these are things to be thankful for and that provide some relief from an otherwise mundane life on 120th Street.

Speaking of 120th Street, did you know there was something called Rap Snacks? I saw an empty package on the street when I was walking Lou this morning. Thank the Lord for Russell Simmons' Hip Hop Yoga to act as a counter to high-fat, high-calorie, low-nutrition foods marketed to people of color. It's a good bet, these aren't available in Whole Foods.



Whew. I'm just saying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had the Honey flavored chips. Troy bought them after church and you know I was starving after 3 hours of Baptist preaching. They were gross.

11:12 PM  
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