Friday, March 25, 2005

Okay, so

Maybe I won't be going to Montreal next week -- boo! I have lots of travel un-arranging to do for work because of that whole WOMMA thing. I thought it was at the beginnign of the week, and it's actually at the end of the week. Par for the course.

In other news, no celebrity sightings today, but I did get the best presents in the mail:

1) a HUGE box from my Aunt Eunice! It was full of yarn, yarn, some yarn, yarn, and more yarn. I am so excited to get to work on making more goodies -- I just figured out how to knit in the round without it coming out crooked, so socks for everyone this Christmas. There are pinks and oranges and greys and reds ... all of a quality I would never buy for myself. Plus, she sent me some works in progress that I can either take apart or finish (I'm taking it apart, because, I mean, come on -- I'm not trying to cable knit anything!); and

2) RAT POISON! My mom and dad are accessories before the fact to the death of Ferdinand and his brothers. On the one hand, I feel like a loser that my Saturday is going to be all about poisoning the mouse. Well, actually it will be like this:

* Get up
* Walk Lou to the coffee shop & buy a large w/3 Equals
* Come home, drink coffee while watching 2 episodes of Living Single on Oxygen Network
* Do Hemalaya Behl's Morning Quickie Yoga workout
* Map out a strategic plan for placing poison around the unit
* Place poison according to plan
* Work on WOMMA presentations while keeping one eye on the closet to see if Ferdinand or one of his friends comes out, tiny claws clutching the throat saying, "I see the light", or "Elizabeth, I'm coming", or "Rosebud".


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