Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mouse Alert

I almost forgot -- the mouse is back. Okay, well it's not THE mouse, but it's A mouse.
They are trying to drive me mad, and although it's not a long drive (more like right around the corner), I don't want them to win.

The thing is, I want THE MOUSE out of the HOUSE (oh, I feel a little Seuss coming on)
But, my heart is sprained when I see them in pain
Would that they'd die far away from my eye
But, no, they come hither and make my heart quiver
Suffering is bad, and it makes me so sad
To see their them so tiny, their dead eyes so shiny
They come to the fore as they're about to be no more
And, I have to witness their death ... that is shitness!
If only they'd poop on someone else's stoop
Or at least out of sight, so then I might
Ignore their existence and applaud my persistence
To live in this city, which is kind of shitty
Where things cost so much money, and the days are not sunny

I'm just saying ...


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