Sunday, March 06, 2005

March 5, 2005

I have all these cool websites to post for you, but I can't do it from home, b/c my Apple is incompatible with the cutting and pasting function on PCs. Whatever, I'm still an Apple fan and will never change.

I'll post for you on Monday, and please look at the sites! They will be wonderful, and you will love them. It's such fun to be able to pick your friends and "neighbors" from wherever they are, based on their interesting-ness, as opposed to their closeness. In the meantime, here's the new Chicken Bone Count:

Chicken Bones Seen: (from Sunday, February 27th, through Saturday, March 5) 97
Chicken Bones Eaten: 17
Chicken Bones Picked up, but guiltily spit out: 22
My Net Worth if Chicken Bones were Dollars: $529.00

I am going to figure out a way to convert chicken bones into dollars. Maybe I could make necklaces and compete with the Shea Butter, or incense entrepreneurs on 125th Street. There must be a way. I could be rich. Later - j.


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