Saturday, April 09, 2005

Holy Moly!

So, I met with two cush hotels this week to sell Uptown Hound's pet concierge services. Now, I know I made those services up, but I didn't know how good I made them up. Holy crap! I need some employees now! This is going to be great. You saw the brilliant work that did for us on our logo -- how cute is that? Now, I've got to quick pay her the balance first (she is reasonable, email her for your next project!), then get someone to print up the corporate collateral, t-shirts and bags for the walkers. OMG. T'his is a lot of stuff to do! But, it's so exciting. I've got to get online with vendors right now, because I'm supposed to open up shop in 2 hotels in Mid-town Manhattan on May 1! I would like to say again: "Holy Crap!" Anyway, more deep thoughts later -- I'm too excited to write any insightful blather now!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOW EXCITING!! You can do it Jen! Just keep forging ahead and try not to get too up or too down.

2:36 PM  
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