Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Take It Back

Remember how I was mad that Lou broke my foot? I'm over it. Why? Because, this didn't work:


Also, mice seem to love D-con, it's like Centrum 1000 -- it makes them stronger. For instance, this never happened:

dead kitchen

But, for the second time, Lou accidentally killed a mouse. Last time, he was laying down in front of his food bowl (he likes to eat in the prone position -- I guess it goes down easier), and the mouse ran out. Too late, the mouse saw Lou and before he could run back under the stove, Lou reached up his big, masculine, hairy dog paw and smacked the mouse dead! I loved him unconditionally for 2 weeks.

Tonight, dead mouse courtesy of Lou was even better. He ACCIDENTALLY STEPPED ON IT! A slow mouse (maybbe the poison dazed him?) was making his way across the floor, and I said, "Lou, Lou! Come here and get the mouse!" Since "mouse" doesn't rhyme with "treat", the poor boy was confused, so he walked towards me slowly, and in the process, squished the hell out of the mouse! I'm going to cook him a hamburger right now.


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