Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Okay, so, this is it

I have been counseled by those who love me to stop focusing on the mouse (I'm actually finally able to admit that it's likely a "mice problem" as opposed to a "mouse problem", but for now, let's go with mouse). So, for the next two weeks, no mouse writing ... save this post. Tonight, I learned that mice actually do make a "squeak, squeak" sound, and not just when you kill them. The "squeak, squeak" is a precursor to seeing them scurry. It puts us on alert. Thanks, mouse asshole. I appreciate the warning, and I still hate you.


Cute in the wild, yeah. Not so cute on my kitchen counter. That's all I'm saying and I won't say anymore about the vermin until mid June, unless I capture one of them and make him/her take me to the leader. Then, it'll be on, and you'll hear about it. Boo-hoo-vermin hell-hoo - j.


Blogger cokey said...

I say talk about the mouse (mice) it is probably good therapy. But, I do think you should buy a bb gun.

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