Saturday, June 11, 2005

Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout, Wilhelm?


I thought this was a joke. I hope it is, but it seems it's true that the Augsburg Zoo in southern Germany is planning an exhibit of Africans. Now, living in Harlem, I was aware of the particular interest Germans seem to have in African Americans -- busloads of them come through my neighborhood every week taking pictures of the brown people. And, while it's weird seeing buses full of blond folks chugging down 121st Street every Saturday, I do get that there's significant and probably meaningful interest in Harlem and its history. Putting black folks in a zoo, though? There's no amount of historical import that makes that right.


Blogger cokey said...

very scary. when i was in kenya there were a lot of germans on extended vists there. the fascination/hatred they have with the browner people of the world is so very odd and dangerous. What could the people who are putting on this inhuman exhibit be thinking? We should all be outraged!! This is not an FYI event but and FYA one (a=action).


1:18 PM  
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