Saturday, July 30, 2005

I'll Paint a Bitch


So, I've been in NYC for 13 months and today was the first day I saw the city. I promised my dear friend Ed I'd help him paint his newly purchased, currently in-renov house in Brooklyn. Brooklyn? Where's that at? I found out today. It was fun, fun, fun, and a huge pain in the ass. You know how you sometimes say to someone, "I'll help you", fully expecting they'll say, "Oh, no, dear. You're much too delicate, and I could never impose on you that way"? So, you've made the offer and you look good, but you don't actually have to do anything? Ed is onto that scheme. So, after a heart-stopping, directionless drive to my home, Ed finally picked me up and drove me to his new abode. Gorgeous -- some of the gorgeous requires imagination, because it's still a work in process. But, whatever lucky duck gets the rental unit he's re-done is going to be happy, bo-bappy! Laundry! In-Unit! Praise Be. I wish I could live there, but Ed is fastidious and doesn't want dogs ... even my precious dog ... who is perfect ... and lurverly. Whatever. His loss. (Ed's, not the dog's)

I also got to meet Ed's sister, and his precious niece Erin (sp?). Somebody tell me when 14-year olds got to be so mature and smart? Hmm? She had me at "hello", that one (not in a skeevy way). It was so nice to have a break from the 7th circle of hell (that is, 120th and Lenox in Harlem, in case you're not aware) to go to a neighborhood, and have a real-life, in-person family for a day. Even though my feet hurt now, and my hives are worse than ever, I had a good day ... for once ... in NYC. And, even though I remain convinced that this is not the city for me, today was sweet. Later - j.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot the "fun" of watching them mix custom colors at Lowe's! North Star for the bedroom ceiling. YES! Magnetic Gray for the walls. YUP!

Paint in the bucket.
Why are things so sloppy here.
Silence, anal freak.

10:00 AM  
Blogger Milf Cruise said...

mature bitch MILF

8:54 PM  
Blogger Drunk Glory Hole said...


8:55 PM  
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