Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ho, Ho, Ho ... Not

More like Boo-Hoo-Hoo! So, look at this from


Nope, that's not Izzy. But, it could be. So, here's the thing; Why is my cat a poop magnet? Why? I was minding my own business mopping the floor (also, why can't I buy a bucket that works? It's a fucking bucket, for heaven's sake. All it needs to do is keep the water on the INSIDE! I've bought four buckets in the last two months, and they have all been broker than a bag of glass. Anyway.)

So, as part of my cleaning/mopping, I changed the litter box. And then, Izzy needed to use it, which was fine until I heard this: "Merroawwww." That was her whilst in box! Then, she jumped out onto the just-mopped floor and proceeded to scoot her butt around the floor. Ew. So, I had to look. I didn't want to, but I had to, and what I saw? Oh, how I wish there were someone here to hold my hand as I type this -- I might pass out .. because, the thing is, I looked ... and I saw ... A BIG POOP BALL ON IZZY'S BUTT!

Gloves, warm water, hissing, scratching, swearing ... and now, Izzy is poop-free. I am getting ready to pour myself a drink. Man, it's hard to have pets. Thank god I don't have kids.


Blogger thegeneralx said...

That's WINSTON! Not some random cat; he's incredibly rad, and his owner writes the most hilarious blog ever:

7:25 AM  
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