Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Some Other Crap for You

So, my last post was all ABW (angry black woman). This is a salve for your wounded heart. I missed poetry Monday, because I was all crazy about going back to work. So, here's some happy stuff to make up for your having to read my angry work crap:


Monday came, and I was still stuffed
From dinner with Ed, Mark and Charlie-- enough
The turkey, the stuffing, the carrot souffle?
And, on top the company, delicious crudite?
The cheese, the olives, the hummus, my Lord
I'm not embarrassed to say that yes, I gorged
And who could blame me, I ask, my friend
Since, as we all know, the gays rule, in the end
They cook better than you or I coud hope
And, the dishes they serve on are often bespoke
I ate, I supped, I laughed and conversed
And, I'll admit, alone, Thanksgiving would have been worse
I suppose, my disdain for the whole human race
Is, in the end, woefully misplaced
For, this year, I spent my Thanksgiving with friends
Better than I hoped ... well, perfect in the end
My stomach's not full anymore, one week past
But I'm still full with the memory of that awesome repast

P.S.: Three afghans done. The green one I posted earlier, a blue striped one made from left over scraps, and a super red/organge/cream one knitted in large blocks. (Pictures tomorrow, if I can secret away the office digital camera.) And, even better, 5 quilts done but needing finishing -- two for babies (they just keep coming), and three for friends/family. Lastly, the Anthony pillows are 5 minutes from finished. I was going to do them tonight, but did this instead. I'll finish them tomorrow, photograph them and post them.


Anonymous Tina G said...

Nice! Sounds like you had a great Turkey Day. Love the poem. Look at you with all your crafts. Awesome! I am getting my crafts room redone. It's just about painted. Hubby is building a work table, too. I simply can't wait until it's done.

4:47 PM  
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