Friday, December 16, 2005

Holy Crap

Here's what I just realized:



This means:

1) Knitting until my hands fall off to finish gifts for Aimee, Jana, Candace and Erica

2) Picking up my hands and crocething them to my wrists so that I can finish gifts for Mom&Dad, Ed and Michelle

3) Finding comfortable shoes and an assistant to help me navigate the NYC subway system so that I can buy the trim for gifts for Abbott (who I love), Anthony, Eric and Ketch.

4) Figuring out a way to get home for the holidays. Do you want to know something? It costs more for my dog's ticket to crappy Cincinnati than it costs for MY ticket. I weigh 3 times as much as him. Blech. Gak. But, this is how he looks at me:


So, wouldn't you drive him wherever he wanted to go? Yeah, you would. So, I guess I'll be driving ... for 10 hours ... with a big dog ... and a tiny cat ... in a tiny car (because that's all I can afford to rent) ... Okay, I'll just say it: Please feel sorry for me! Christmas used to be fun, now (okay, it's fun when I get there), but it's terrifying. It took me 24 hours of driving last year, due to some big snowstorm. I am having PTSD flashbacks.

Okay, so #4 is crappy, and #s 1 through 3 are stressing me out, but it's Christmas, just the same, so Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year.


I hope the person you want to kiss when the ball drops at midnight is standing right next to you, wanting to kiss you a little bit, too.


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