Monday, November 14, 2005

Textile Trouble

I keep seeing all these wonderful crafty blogs where people are making wonderful crafty projects with wonderful vintage fabric. The trouble is I have such a hard time finding good vintage (or, I'm too lazy to tour the flea markets, probably). Thankfully, there's Repro Depot of course, but even though every fabric I've ever purchased from them is worth its weight in gold, it's kind of pricey for me sometimes.

So, today, I did some trolling around online, and found some less vintage, (still kind of pricey), but really interesting textile designs/designers that I'm contacting as soon as my direct deposit clears the bank tomorrow:

First, you all already know, but there's Hable Construction. Then, there's Mary Beth Cryan. She's something else. Last, but not least, there's this team: at Funktion Home.

Good stuff!


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