Saturday, July 30, 2005


I know that I complain a lot. (At least I didn't say alot.) But there are some really good things that I neglect to mention daily. First of all, a lot of those good things are in the links section of this site. However, there are also other good things that I forget to mention:

1. Omni Hotels: I have had the best experiences of my hotel-staying life at the Omni Hotels. Sometimes, depending on the city, they're super expensive, but even then, they're worth it. Check it out!?

2. West Elm: I have heard that the low prices you pay for what is arguably designer furniture, is indicative of the quality -- that is, your couch might not last more than 2-3 years. That's all I need, so I say, Buy The Best Design Temporary Design You Can Afford

3. The motto at The Paper Source is "Do Something Creative Everyday". Reason enough to click through, I'd say.

4. My veterinarian? Love her. Can't find the website to link, but she's at 2232 First Avenue. Get there if you can.

5. My preferred kennel -- NY Dog Spa & Hotel. I mean, come on. The name enough ... The Dog Spa i

6. The best place to buy crafting material online: Create For Less. You have to know what you want to navigate the site, but it's even worth trial and error clicking.

More later.


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