Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Fame & Fortune, Here I Come

Wait, where are you running off to? Damned fame and fortune. It's more elusive than WMD. Looks like another week of work and work. The cars never seem to stop ... working at the car wash. I wish. So, here are the funniest thigns that happened this week:

1. I threw up on the M2 bus on my way to work. Okay, that was more embarrassing than funny.

2. I stayed up until 2am several nights this past week, and came into work on the weekend in preaparation for a client meeting, and apparently some wild animal came in to my house while I was busy concentrating on all that work, and decided to toss my dirty laundry around the bedroom, leave a pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and start several knitting projects before abandoning them on my coffee table.

3. Even MORE people are having babies. I should never have told anyone I sew. How many quilts would a quilter quilt if a quilter could quilt quilts? Apparently, 7. At least they're babies. I'll post the pictures of the works in progress, along with the Denyse Schmidt piece (it's a piece, all right. I am bad at patterns) later this week.

4. The funniest thing that happened this week was, when I was feeling sorry for myself and wanted to commiserate with Ed and Anthony about the incidentus vomitosis (see above), they both busted out laughing, and laughed until I started laughing too. Hmm. There's probably something to that.


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Blogger olive said...

Um, huh? Richard Silverstein? I think I went to high school with him. Or, maybe I worked with him when Andersen Consulting was still Andersen Consulting, and not Accenture? Or maybe some freakshow googled "pajamas" and posted a standard response to my blog? Really, who is that helping? Cut it out, silly.

10:16 PM  
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