Friday, October 28, 2005

I'm in LUV, Y'all

That's right. Zing, Spring, Love, Dove, Hearts & Rainbows, Roses & Nosegays. Oh, my heart is singing, and I am as light as a feather. I see my beloved everyday, and never knew. Until now. You have no idea. My beloved's name, you ask? Kona Espresso 100% cotton fabric. Yes, I AM a LOSER. I am embracing it rather than running from it. I figure, I'm good at it, so why not?

Surely, I need some pursuits outside of work that actually involve other people, but the truth is, I don't have the energy. It's enough that I actually shower and put on a top AND bottom before going to work. Today, I actually wore lipstick into the office, and people were like, "Wow! You look great today." That's how bad it is.

Anyway, get ye to Hancock's of Paducah (as in Paducah, Kentucky. It's wonderful, easy to cut, washes beeyootifully! I'm using it for the Denyse Schmidt Quilt-a-Long. I'm making Drunk Love in Espresso, Petal and Cream -- all Konas.

Tomorrow, I am FOR SURE (or as we say in my neighborhood, Fo' Sho') buying a digital camera so I can take pix of the work in progress. I'm also working on Redwork from Modern Quilts, using Cream and Blossom Konas. In addition, here's what else is going on:

1. Jacob's Quilt: Such a big boy! He needs Patchwork reds, blues, greens around a triangle border with cream hand-quilted front and olive green back. (This one is finished, save my embroidering his name and birthdate (which, of course, I didn't know until he came into the world) on the piece, along with a little message from me on a corner of the back.

2. Jhett's Blue: Solid navy linen baby quilt with this accent Jhett is a COOL baby. He needs a cool, modern quilt. This one is awesome. Hand-quilted on the accent, hand tied throughout. Excellent, if I say so myself.

3. Baby Bell: There will be no stopping this girl, so I'm thinking: Pink, Pink, Pink -- a patchwork of pinks, including flowers and pinkdoves and pinkbatik.

4. Devito Delightful: While tempted to make everything pink and sparkly, he would "chop" me, so to thank him for taking care of Lou in my absence, Anthony gets pillows -- and maybe a quilt if I have enough leftover fabric, but for sure a cuddly afghan for cool nights watching The Discovery Channel. The pillows will look like this: rdbest and this rdavocado. And, the other pillow: This rdabacus and this rdcola. Imagine those four plus espresso, cream and lime in a quilt. I'm a genius. If it doesn't work, there's always the afghan. It's olive, lime, hunter, heathered and icy green with cream accents -- it's all sewn together, patchwork quilt stylel, but knitted blocks instead of fabric. Now, I just have to find an edging. It's killing me not to use pink.

5. Wertzaholic: For Jason & the new baby: It kills me that people don't want to know the sex of the baby until it's born. Great for them, a huge pain in the butt for me. Choices = yellow or green. Blech. Here's the one I'm making for Baby Girl/Boy Wertz: Front - rebugs. Back - rdgreencircles. I'll hand-quilt around the bugs.

6. Claudia's Comfort: For Connie's new baby. Jeesus, it's taken me a long time to do this one. I don't have pictures of the fabric, because it's all vintage and I don't have a digital camera (yet - see above). It's like this: Front is 2/3 mint green floral and cream, 1/3 lime green with embroidered pink flowers. Back is lime-ish green linen. The whole thing is hand-quiltied in cross-hatch pattern with the squares at about 2-inches each. Tomorrow, I'm attaching a crewel work piece with Claudia's name and birthdate on it. Them, I'm sending it out. Alleluia. One down.


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