Friday, October 28, 2005

One Other Thing

This is what happened this evening, when I was walking Lou. We went to the grocery store to get Beneful (the best dog food ever, according to Lou, with Pedigree Small Bites running a close second -- he's old, so he appreciates being able to just swallow the food and not chew it first).

The Scene:
The Bodega on 123rd and Adam Clayton Powell.

The Action:
Me, tying Lou to the bus stop out front (no buses were coming, so it was safe that I'd be out before one showed up)
Then, I go inside to buy the food
Then, I hear, "Hey, get that dog out of here"
I look, and see that Lou has come loose from his leash and collar and has walked into the store looking for me, or for Slim Jims

The Dialogue:
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry. That's my dog. Lou, bad dog (subtext = you're so clever). I'll take him outside, just let me put this (bag of dogfood) here on the counter.
Man behind counter: That's a smart dog you got, or greedy.
Me: He's both.
Man: Well, you're lucky, mami. You might get a dog in life, but if you get a smart one AND a greedy one, he'll be with you forever. (Laughs)
Me: It's the story of my life ... and my love live.
Man: I hear you, mami.

The End.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute story! "Senior" dogs are the best!

3:06 PM  
Blogger olive said...

I know. I got him when he was 1, and have had him for 11 years. So, now he's senior ... maybe I am, too. But, he's the only "person" who's been with me and known me for this long without gettting fed up and leaving. That's kind of nice. Codependent, maybe, but still nice.

10:21 PM  
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