Saturday, October 29, 2005

Oh, Jeez

Last one of the day -- how could my sausage-loving, snow-adoring, proud Midwestern heart have forgotten that my BELOVED CHICAGO WHITE SOX WON THE DAMNED WORLD SERIES? What is my problem? I spend every waking moment thinking of a way to get back to Chicago and my beloved Comiskey. I spend every sleeping moment dreaming about life back in Chicago -- the wind, the snow, the good-hearted, mid-American sensibility of the people? (They chose Barack Obama, for heaven's sake -- he's my screen saver.) White Sox? I LOVE YOU!



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Anonymous erica said...

Deer hunting? How does that follow? Mouse hunting perhaps, but I think the deer problem in NYC is under control.

12:58 PM  
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Blogger olive said...

Erica -- Deer hunting is all about the Midwest, girl.

Everyone else -- if you click on the link from Anonymous #2, you get porn, porn, porn AND bad grammar. Ass.

2:07 AM  
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