Monday, October 31, 2005

Hopeful Halloween


Blech on you Eastern Standard Time. It's dark at 5:00pm now. So, now I work from can't see to can't see (as in, Can't See in the Morning, Can't See at Night). Blech. Today marks the end of my birthday month. No more slacking. Time for a change. I don't know why it's important for there to be a specific date on which one makes a change, but that's the way it is, so starting tomorrow, I'm all brand new.

1. New attitude:
Jen = #1 ... or, #3, since Lou and Izzy usually come first. No, wait, make that #6, since there's also Mary, Larry, and Aimee. Wait, this isn't working at all. Let's go back. Jen = #1. There.

2. New habits:
I will do my laundry every week. No more waiting until there's only the bad underwear.
I will vary my wardrobe from week to week (see above)
I will NOT race home to watch reruns of CSI. There's a whole wide world out there.
I will do one interesting thing a day - walk in the park, a lunchtime jaunt around Midtown, something.
I will NOT use the cash station like my own personal money tree. Rigor is the word of the day.
I will spend at least 2 hours a day on myself - hair, nails, meditation, or craft. No more working from home all night. Loser.
I will work on my career as much as I work at my job.
I will get organized, one day at a time, working from room to room. No more clutter/dust catchers.

3. New body:
I will use Hemalaya Behl's Yoga DVD once a day, either morning (unlikely) or night (hard, but I'll do it)
I will NOT order from BBQ's of Harlem, Hunan Balcony or Slice of Harlem unless it's Saturday. (And then, only once per day.)
I will get back on the FreshDirect bandwagon. Saves money, too! Clever!
I will find a way to get regular, out of home exercise for at least 1/2 hour a day (Not including the yoga DVD). Ambitious!

4. New life:
I will learn to be comfortable telling a truth that may hurt someone's feelings.
I will not be afraid of "getting in trouble" all the time. I'm grown. Jeesh.
I will speak up instead of replaying what I could have said over and over in my mind. (I'll be too busy doing yoga, anyhow.)
I will start going places by myself again
I will say no when I don't want to: (a) see that movie; (b) go to that museum; or (c) watch your kids.
But, if I do want to go, I'll do it happily and without thinking about what I SHOULD be doing instead.
I will ask someone out ... on a date
To the extent that it is in my control, I will choose to be content, not resigned, but content

The End. Wait till you see the new me. The anticipation is killing me already.


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