Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh, Snap


So, you all know there's no bus, no subway (which I wouldn't take anyway, because I feel like a slice of pizza whenever I go down there) and no way but the walkway to get into work. I'm not sure how I feel about the strke, because I can't divorce my own personal issues fromm those that face the union workers. I mean, I get that there should be maternity leave. I agree. But also? I walked 7 miles (7.14, actually, according to today. Ugh. I could be, however, super-skinny at the end of the strike, which means for sure, I'd get a real boyfriend. In the interim, my feet hurt.

The good news? This story of my walk home with Ed. (On the way to work, I wanted to kill him ... and, I guess I wanted to kill him on the way home, too, actually, because he kept pointing out how nice it was, how beautiful the view .... a punch in the neck was warranted, is all I'm saying). But, here's the best joke on me in weeks:

Ed: Oh, what's that?

Me: That's the Metropolitan Club. Anyone who's anyone knows that. That's where I had my first wedding (joke).

Ed: Oh, that's right, when you married Don King.

Me: (Unsuspecting). That's right.

Ed: And, you got the hair in the divorce.

Me: (Peeing my pants laughing, because he got it right on.)

I hate you, Ed.


Anonymous Tina G said...

Now that ain't right. If only Don King would change his hair, so that sistahs who wear their hair naturally don't have to hear about him! Low Blow, Ed. It was a good one, though ;) How long has he been waiting to pull that one out?

I didn't know there was no maternity leave! That's crazy. Not even unpaid? I hope things get settled soon so that you and other New Yorkers I know don't have to walk to work! Why couldn't they call a strike in the summer? Let's hope the lack of preciptation holds out.

9:44 PM  
Blogger olive said...

tina g! please send me the link to your blog again -- you kept changing, and I couldn't keep up. I'd like to visit and see what you're up to. Last I read, you were making gift baskets. Christmas was three days ago, so maybe you're done? (Hannukah and Kwanzaa just started, though, so maybe you're not? I don't know your holidy affiliation!) I want to see what you're up to!

2:07 AM  
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