Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Man Has Got To Go!

So many things are going on, and they're all fun and good and stressful, though. Before the nitty-gritty (and, you can see the knitty-grittyright here), here's some crazy stuff:

Number of Uptown Hound Clients:
At opening: 6
Over Winfer: 14
Today: 21

Degree of Stress:
At Opening: 100%
Over Winter: 120%
Today: 2 kajillion, hundred thousand, bajillion percent

Uptown Hound Worker Injury Count:
Carmen: 0 injuries, 1 pregnancy
Jen: 8 stitches, 0 pregnancies
Carolyn: 0 injuries, so not pregnant
Gerson: 1 expensive coat dirtied by a client, pregnancy impossible (he is a man)
Chicken Bone Count:
This will start up again next week, with warmer weather ... and pictures

The "Man" Issues:
Voicing Dissent: 100K times
Voicing Dissent to Someone Who Can "fix the problem": 0 times
Number of times considered eating a bowl of glass instead of going to work: infinity
Number of times smiled instead of killing: infinity

Okay, more interesting surveys once I figure out how to make pie charts and load them on Flickr.


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