Wednesday, December 28, 2005

WTF ...? Back to Work?


Sad face courtesy of this interesting site, which is also scary, but if you do a Google Image search, you get what you get. Anyway, so, I'm sad the holidays are over. Boo. I mean, there's still New Year's, but that's kind of depressing anymore. Another year past and all; so many resolutions left unresolved! I am going to try to start this year off right -- instead of resolutions, I'm writing my Life Business Plan. Where I want to be, what I want to do, how I'm going to get there, and with appropriate timing. I mean, it's unrealistic to expect to be Queen of the World by this time next year ... maybe by 2009.

Anyway, so, I was supposed to go back today, but things happen, like the need to wait around for a contractor to show up ...
The one extra day of respite, was nice (if not really respite), but also crazy! I had no email all day! It was nerve-wracking. I'm a grown woman, afraid of getting in trouble at work. WTF? It would be different if I didn't do anything, but I bust my hump, come in on weekends, spend way more time thinking about work than I should, and I have a stomach ache because I'm not there one day? THAT'S FOR SURE something to work on in the new year. In other contexts, people use the phrase, "I give as good as I get". Well, I KNOW I give better than I get ( at work and such). I just need to really put that out there. No more stomach aches. Really.

And also? I was stressed beyond belief for the holiday and still am kind of twitchy. But my problems? Easy, really, when there are still folks who need help just keeping a roof over their heads, finding enough food to eat, and keeping their families together. Many, many, many people were generous to me this year, not just with material things, but with their good wishes, support, and general niceness. I'm going to start my year by being as generous as I can be in return, through prayer, and when I can, through more tangible means. The first check I write in 2006, goes here.


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