Thursday, March 29, 2007

End of Day Crazy

Some crazy stuff happened this week. Most of it was good crazy, some was bad crazy, and some was really just f-ed up crazy. Here's the recounting:

Saturday, I was cutting this dog's nails:
Milo in his defiant glory
That's Milo. I love Milo. He has this spirit and interest in everything that just makes you think, "I should live that way, too! Gimme those shoes, they look delicious!" And, he was SOOO good when I gave him his bath. But then, some random dog started barking outside when I was doing the nail trim. He didn't need much, only three nails on his front right foot. No problem ... until the aforementioned barking. Milo was all zenned out, and then, just when scissors were meeting their mark, the barking started, and Milo had to see what was what. And, the scissors? Well, they missed their intended mark, but needed another, and what better than the heel of my hand? Two stitches. Two stitches that I accidentally ripped out. Two stitches that, upon ripping out and my subsequent decision to employ a homemade remedy involving a lot of band-aids and isopropyl, left a big old infection in my hand! Now, they're cutting off dead infected skin on my hand (left, and thank the Lord, I'm a rightie) on Saturday. Crazy!

This dog? That's Lou, remember? He's hiding. See the colored bottles by his feet? Those are bottles of dog shampoo that came in a shipment for the store on Monday. They're on the floor because Lou opened the box while I was at work. He opened the box, ate THREE boxes of Greenies dog treats, and then, I imagine, felt quite sick. So sick, in fact, that he singlehandedly started what I like to call The Great Shitstorm of 2007. I mean, all over. I mean, everywhere. I mean, I came home and he was in the bathtub, because it was the only clean place for him to lay his sick, sick head. I spent 10 minutes being mad, and he hid in that corner the whole time. Then I cleaned it all up with gallons and gallons of bleach and Pine-sol. As soon as I was finished, Lou came out of the corner like nothing had happened. How I love him.
Lou Hiding from Bailey

This number of new clients THIS WEEK: THIRTEEN I need to hire some people.

Plus some other stuff happened:

Book proposal for In the Meantime (knitting book) done!

Meeting with the brains behind the best new business idea to hit the nation since ... ever, done!

Normalizing the process for scheduling at Uptown Hound, done!

Supporting my dear friend in celebration of her anniversary of sobriety, done!

Back to Bikram, done! Limber and at peace, even with a wonky hand.

Here we go!

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