Sunday, February 13, 2005

February 13, 2005

The Gates! The Gates! The Gates!

I will admit that I thought them a stupid waste of tax-payer money and a ridiculous reason to hold up traffic on 5th Avenue, but I went to see them this morning. My heart broke at the sight. After 7 months of forgotten garbage, chicken bones, dirty snow and mice, imagine how awesome it was to see, less than 5 blocks from my home, these billowing, golden ... things. I am so thankful ... and considerably less homicidal. See this link for info on the development of the "Gates" project:

Also, check out this site for photos of the gates:, and this site of gate-de-bunking:

*Dog News*
Chicken Bone Count:
- Seen: 6 from Lenox to 7th and 120th to 125th
- Eaten: 1 before I could stop Lou
- Attempts at Eating: 2 (1 spit out, 1 successful)
- If Chicken Bones Were Dollars, My Net Worth To Date: $259.00

Number of Times People Asked Me What Kind of Dog Louis Is:
- 2 Total (2 adults, 0 children)
- 1 Proposed a Husky -- I argued for mutt status, but he did not listen
- 1 Proposed an Akita -- I said, "Um-hmm", and kept walking

*New Category*!!
Number of Times Lou Reminded Me Why I Love Him
- 10000
- Because he let me give him a bath, reveled in the toweling off, let me blow-dry him afterwards, and was patient when I sprayed him with CK-9 (the doggie equivalent of CK-One) -- I figured, I don't know his sexual orientation -- since he's neutered, he's got no working equipment, so ... an androgynous fragrance was the best way to go. (He did meet a nice black lab girl dog named Maya tonight, but sniffed her nether regions more as a courtesy than as a reflection of any real interest. (Aunt Sandy can attest -- she was on the phone with me while it was happening. So sad that Lou doesn't like the black girls ...)
- Because, he is, right now, tucked in, under the covers on the bed, snoring with his head on the pillow I put in the window well for that purpose. Brilliant. Perfect dog.