Thursday, April 19, 2007

Busy Bee, That's Me

So, okay, I was in a pretty bad way yesterday about work and career path (or, frankly, lack thereof), but this morning, when I was at "the factory", waiting to catch the elevator down to meet the delivery man for my $7 bagel, it occured to me that I was right. I can just stop it. And, it's amazing what happens when clarity comes. I just felt better (maybe because I didn't care anymore). It is not my responsibility, nor do I care to change the way opportunities are apportioned out at my job. I just work there... for now. I am more convinced than ever that I can take charge of the parts of the situation over which I have control -- namely whether I continue to show up to be discounted. Whew, I say. I'm not even angry anymore. I'm just moving on. Yeah, me.

If you check out the harlem knits site (too lazy to paste the link, but it's you can see what I'm working on now, and maybe be as excited as I am about what's to come next. Yay, empowerment!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Complain, Complain, Complain

Or else take it out in more inappropriate ways. So, I have to get the hell out of Dodge (where Dodge = work). My family always says that people can't take your spirit away or make you feel demoralized unless you give them the power to do so. For the most part, I'm all on board with that. But, sometimes, like in my "official" work life, that just isn't true. And, it's crazy. I don't know how I'm the only one who sees it--if it's a campaign to get me to quit, well-played, I say. I concede and give you your hard-won victory. Here's the issue:

Jen = not enough traditional PR experience
Company = we need people on accounts with traditional PR experience

Okay, got that? All right, but how about an opportunity to learn by, oh, I don't know, being put on an account? But, here's more:

Jen = skilled in brand marketing and management (I managed a $6M account before I came here for heaven's sake)
Company = we think marrying brand management and corporate communications is a good idea, but also we need people on accounts with PR experience

A little frustrated, but it continues:

Jen = can take complicated brand ideas and concepts and represent them visually, in PowerPoint, even
Company = Jen can make slides for everything
Jen = I want to jump off the roof
Company = Don't. We just cleaned the windows

Argh. Where's my knitting? Oh, wait, it's 11:36pm, and I should be working on a slide deck. Instead, however, in an act of ultimate passive aggressive defiance, I think I'll work on my sock pattern for Harlem Knits. And, the thing about that is, I'm not good at pattern-making. Not at all. But, I get to learn and be better at it. See how that works? Yeesh.

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