Thursday, September 10, 2009

The jokes just keep on coming.

So, I'm listening to talk radio in my office, and they're doing man on the street intercepts in Joe Wilson's district to ask folks what they thought about his outburst during the President's address. So the last respondent, one Mr. Mark Marshall, said:

"I think he was right. You got to call a spade a spade."

Good weekend coming up. First, Stitches Midwest and company for the trip out to Schaumburg.

Second, there's also:

I hope I have grocery money left by Monday.

- from Design Year Book

One of my favorite things, and the reason why my Etsy store is languishing -- still trying to find the right way to present and deliver the wares. Maybe I'll sort that all out this weekend. Right now, I'm loving the packaging for ChariTeas that I saw on Design Year Book. You should check it out.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Not as held together as the original Blueprint, but I'm liking it anyway.

It's harder and harder to reinvent yourself when you're this far down the road -- the 11th release. But, is that even necessary? Why not (as he does a bit on this one) reach out and embrace pop-ness? (I don't mean pop music, I mean pop culture.)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I'm not going to say anything about his politics or rhetoric. This is strictly business, and seeing as my business is what it is, I have got to know WHO is advising this man? Seriously? It's like his message strategy (and I'm talking content, vehicle, and delivery) is being developed as an 8th grade speech class project. Eeesh. It almost hurts my feelings.

- Image from The Field Negro
Got a new camera, and it's GOOD. No more pictures like this:

That's the baby sweater I made for my soon-to-be cousin. She's living in my cousin Jana's belly right now, but I can't wait to meet her ... and take beautiful pictures of her. Bokeh, here I come!
I hate when I do this.

There's an awesomely talented artist out there, and I want to buy this print. Someone sent me the link to her work, and in my valiant attempt to do one thing right today, I decided to clean out my inbox and discarded the message! Argh! Can anyone help me? I want this print hanging in my home office by month's end!
This is a good way to live.

-Anthony Burrill

And it'll be a better poster when it's hanging on my wall. If it ever comes back in stock, let's all buy it here.